Overview of the D&I Badging


The Diversity and Inclusion Badging program uses a peer-review system to encourage projects and events to obtain badges. It aims to increase understanding of the open-source project and event practices that encourage greater diversity and wider inclusion of people from different backgrounds.

The program is affiliated with the CHAOSS project and a proud initiative of CHAOSS. Most of the work of the Badging Program is closely associated with the CHAOSS D&I working group. In addition, CHAOSS is a Linux Foundation project

For more information about CHAOSS, please visit chaoss.community

Problem Statement

Diversity in open source is opaque to participants, newcomers, and stakeholders because contributors are distributed, and in many cases are an agglomeration of individuals in different locations. Inclusivity for open source projects is impeded by long-standing practices that have side effects that act to reproduce the current state of limited diversity.


The goal of the Diversity & Inclusion Badging Program is to encourage projects and events to obtain D&I badges for reasons of leadership, self-reflection, and self-improvement on issues critical to building the Internet as a social good.

The Badging Workflow

Events applying for a CHAOSS badge should fill in the submission form to open an issue under the corresponding GitHub repository, waiting for reviewers to give feedback.

The reviewers will be assigned randomly to submissions via issue, should work with the review checklist.

The Diversity and Inclusion measurements occurred during applying and reviewing process are according to D&I metrics defined by CHAOSS.

The workflow will be elaborated in the "Applying for a badge" chapter and the "Reviewing" chapter, you can also have a quick view below.

Applying for Badges

Event Badging

The Event Badging section of CHAOSS Badging is about measuring inclusivity of different technical events through human reviews.

In order to submit an application for a project, review the following documents:

  • Applicant role - This document describes the GitHub permissions and the responsibilities of a CHAOSS Badging Applicant.

  • Event submission requirements - Describes the minimum requirements for an Event to be eligible for participation in CHAOSS Badging process.

  • Event submission guidelines - Guidelines and steps on how an Event can gain a badge under the CHAOSS Badging program.

Badge Levels

CHAOSS Badges are assigned according to how the Reviewers mark out the review checklist according to the information initially filled in by the Applicant.

The percentages are calculated excluding the initial checks, based on the average of checklists of at least two reviewers.



Percentage of Requirements Met



Less than 40%



Greater than or equal to 40% and less than 60%



Greater than or equal to 60% and less than 80%



Greater than 80%

Metrics For Event Badging

The metrics used in the Badging submission process are defined by CHAOSS D&I Working Group. Metrics used for event badge come from the Event Diversity focusing area. Here is the list of the five metrics that belong to Event Diversity:



Speaker Demographics

How well does the speaker lineup for the event represent a diverse set of demographics?

Attendees Demographics

How diverse are the attendees?

Diversity Access Tickets

How are Diversity Access Tickets used to support diversity and inclusion for an event?

Code of Conduct at Event

How does the Code of Conduct for events support diversity and inclusion?

Family Friendliness

How does enabling families to attend together support diversity and inclusion of the event?

Project Badging

Project badging is planned for the second release. We are looking forward to it!

Reviewing Badging submissions

Reviewers are an essential component of CHAOSS Badging. Their feedback and interaction with an applicant determine the success of the Badging Program.

In order to get familiar with what is expected of reviewers, review the following documents:

  • Reviewer Role - This document describes the GitHub permissions and the responsibilities of a CHAOSS Badging Reviewer.

  • Reviewer Guide - the Guide is small as of now, but it provides some additional guidelines

We are currently recruiting reviewers for event submissions!

To become a reviewer, please fill out the Reviewer Application Google Form and tell us a little bit about yourself! Please send an email to Matt at msnell@unomaha.edu When you are finished.

Work to Date

The CHAOSS Badging Project is now in the first stages of the first release. We are continuously recruiting reviewers and applicants.



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