Conflict of Interest Policy

CHAOSS D&I Badging Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest in peer review arises when a situation where you, the reviewer, are unable to make a fair judgment. The CHAOSS D&I Badging Project aims to promote a transparent and impartial environment to evaluate Diversity and Inclusion, as well as consciously avoiding situations where conflicts of interest may appear.

As a reviewer, Conflicts of Interest for event submission reviews are your present or previous associations with any event organizers and the event committee of a submission. The following situations are considered conflicts and should be avoided:

  • Organizing for the submitted event.

  • Having a personal relationship (, close friend) with the event organizer(s).

  • Receiving personal benefit resulting from the review.

  • Recent association (past year) with the same organization of an applicant, for example, being employed at the same institution.

If you have a conflict of interest with a submission, you should disclose the specific reason to the moderator team. After the discussion within the moderator team, you may not be eligible to review the submission. Declaring actual, perceived, and potential conflicts of interest are required under professional ethics. If in doubt, ask the moderators.


The D&I Conflict of Interest Policy is derived from JOSS Conflict of Interest Policy and takes references from Elsevier Conflict of Interest Policy.

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