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This page contains information on how to become a reviewer of the D&I badging program. To review submissions for D&I badging, you need to sign up as a reviewer first. The best way to start is with our sign-up form!

The Reviewer Form

Please go to the Reviewer Application Form to sign up.

We no longer support Pull Requests as reviewer applications. We invite you now to sign up using the Reviewer Form.

The reviewer form requests the following personal information:

  • Your Name: Supply your full name. D&I Badging will not share the name with applicants or spread it unless you are willing to post your name on the website.

  • Your GitHub Handle: This will be later added to the reviewer list in file under the badge/event-diversity-and-inclusion repository once you become a member of the reviewer team.

  • Your Email Address: D&I Badging uses your email address to contact and communicate with you, and will not share or publish it on the website.

  • Your Organization(optional): You can choose not to share this information with us. D&I Badging asks for the organization to know the further background about you, and will not share or publish it on the website.

Below are the most important questions:

  • Who you are and why you're interested in the CHAOSS D&I Badging Program.

  • Your history with Diversity & Inclusion in Open Source.

We will also ask:

  • We want to know if you would like to include your name on our website as a CHAOSS D&I Badging Reviewer. If you agree with that, your name will show on the bottom of D&I Badging Page.

  • We also require you as a reviewer to identify and act upon any conflicts of interest. Please see the D&I Badging Conflict of Interest Policy for more information.

The D&I Badging team will be notified once you submit the form. They will contact you through email to set up a meeting to explain the reviewing process.

After the meeting, your GitHub handle will be added to the list of current reviewers. There is a badging bot that assigns reviewing tasks - don't forget to open email notifications for D&I badging repository to avoid missing an assignment!

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