This will be a role that will belong to participants who would help in closing a Badging Application and declaring the final badge for an application.

GitHub Permissions

Repository permission level: Administrate / Write

A moderator will be expected to:

  • Ensure all the Initial Checks are marked positive in both checklists.

  • Confirm the Review Checklists are adequately marked by the reviewers.

  • When the review ends, comment /end to mark the application as closed. This will generate the badges which the Applicant can use.

Moderator guide

Moderators are responsible for ensuring that reviewers and applicants understand the Badging workflow. This is done through issue comments, pull request comments, and other Badging discussions. The Moderators in the Badging organization are required to have a strong understanding of D&I practices within an open-source organization.

Roles of the Moderator

  • Generate a badge when the reviewers have filled out the checklist and the applicants have implemented all feedback.

  • Provide advice and understanding where applicants and reviewers are having trouble.


Q What kind of commitment is moderating for Event Badging? A We see a lot of variables affecting this time commitment, including our number of moderators and the number of applicants. We expect, at the highest load, for the project to require about 20 minutes every couple of days for each moderator. As we get more moderators into the project, that commitment will shrink.

Q What happens if a reviewer is not responding or providing a review? A In this case, we use a week in real-time as our metric. If the reviewer has been assigned for a week and has not provided their review or responded to requests, you can unassign them. At this point, you must also assign a new reviewer. You can use your judgement to request a reviewer that you haven't seen on any events recently, or someone that you know will be reliable.

Q We are looking forward to answering more questions!


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