Applicants would be the primary stakeholders for any CHAOSS Badging review. They will be responsible for:

  • Applying for a CHAOSS D&I Badge.

  • Improving their application according to reviewer feedback.

  • Provide a point of contact between their own community and CHAOSS.

GitHub Permissions

Repository permission level: Read

Applicants will be able to:

  • Submit an application for a Badging review.

  • Edit details and make improvements in their application.

Applicants will explicitly not be able to:

  • Edit the Review Checklist.


Q What kind of commitment is the application process for an Event Badge? A The initial form will likely take about 15 minutes to fill out. After submitting your application, you are required to communicate, at least a few times, to ensure that the information is accurate and confusion is resolved. You must also confirm that the badge your event receives is clear.

Q We are looking forward to answering more questions!

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