The reviewer role would belong to people who would be responsible for reviewing the details submitted by an applicant. Reviewers will have access to the review checklist. The review checklist is a reviewing guide, which is a list written in Markdown, detailing the criteria a submission has to be measured against.

GitHub Permissions

Repository permission level: Write

Reviewers will be able to:

  • Edit their own comments.

  • Edit the Review Checklist.

Reviewers will explicitly not be able to:

  • Edit an applicant's comment.


Q What kind of commitment is reviewing for Event Badging? A We see a lot of variables affecting this time commitment, including our number of reviewers and the number of applicants. We expect, at the highest load, for the project to require about 20 minutes every few days from each reviewer. At lowest, we'd expect 20 minutes or so every few weeks

Q We are looking forward to answering more questions!

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