How to contribute


You can connect to us with the following methods:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by any of the means listed above when your thoughts about this project come up. Your suggestions are tremendously valuable to us.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your interest in D&I badging program and wishing to make contributions. All kinds of contributions are appreciated.

This guide provides several angles for you to get started. We hope one of them will work for you!

Participate as a reviewer

If you want to be part of the review team, please see “Apply to review”.

Sign up as a reviewer and you can get in touch with different events and projects, measure how Diversity and Inclusion they are. When doing the reviewing job, please make sure you have read the reviewer’s guidance and understand our D&I badging conflict of policy.

Contribute to the workflow

For now, most of the workflows happen under the Event D&I badging repository. If you think there is unreasonableness about the process, or you have suggestions to improve the workflow, don't hesitate to open an issue to discuss your suggestion. For bug fixing and word spelling correction, we warmly welcome you to open a Pull Request.

Improve the Submission Form and Review Checklist

The Submission Form and Review Checklist are two core components that compose the application and review process, the content is mostly based on CHAOSS D&I metrics.

To make improvements to our documentation on GitHub, you can:

  • Open an issue on GitHub

  • Open a pull request on GitHub

We suggest adding text with the pull request explaining why the change should be made.

Contribute to this documentation

To optimize this documentation, there is a synchronized community handbook documentation repository on GitHub. Please open a pull request there to make revisions. Documentation revisions are also precious contributions for us.

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