The badging-bot

Command & Functionality

We integrate a GitHub app, the @badging-bot, to help us coordinate the workflow. The main function of the badging-bot is improving the efficiency of the reviewing process with some automated integration.

Some more functions of the badging-bot include:

  • Guiding applicants/reviewers

  • Assigning reviewers for a submission

  • Opening checklists for reviewers according to the type of event

  • Checking current badge status

  • Generating the final badge link

  • Closing an application issue when an application is finalized

Instances when the bot is triggered

Here is a mock submission illustrating the review process:

This is what happened where the@badging-bot is triggered:

  • A new submission is created. Once the issue of a new submission is successfully initiated, @badging-bot will do three things:

    • greet the applicant and provide guiding information (see example)

    • assign reviewers according to

    • open a checklist for each assigned reviewer (see example)

  • A command is typed in a review issue comment. When someone creates an issue comment with a command, the bot will be triggered and respond in a new comment.


You can also interact with @badging-botusing a few commands.

1. /result (Anyone)

  • Type this command and only this command in an issue anytime during the review when you wish to check the current badge status.

  • All roles are allowed to use this command.

#show the current badge status

2. /end (Moderators)

  • Type this command and only this command in an issue when the review is at an end.

  • Only moderators are allowed to use this command.

#obtain the final badge and close the issue

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