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We are planning to provide D&I badges for technical events and open-source projects. While currently, we only support D&I badge applications for events. Project applications will be covered in later versions.

Event Definition

Events refer to tech get-togethers, conferences, festivals, and any other tech event that promote tech-related concepts, mostly off-line meetups, but digital events are also included given in certain circumstances.

You can either apply D&I badge for an In-Person Event or a Virtual Event.

In-Person Events refer to events happening in a physical meeting space where speakers and attendees always show up in person.

Virtual Events are online events where speakers and attendees interact via computers and meeting platforms.

Apply For an Event Badge

If you are one of the organizers of an event that is focused on open source technologies and systems, we encourage you to apply. We expect that it will take an hour or two to prepare all the required information and complete the application. First, please check whether your event meets all the following submission requirements, then follow the submission instructions.

Submission Guides

Please read the following documents first before applying:

Click the Button Below to Apply for Event Badge

By clicking the button you will be navigated to the CHAOSS Event Badging submission form.

The Submission Workflow

Please fill out the webform to apply for a badge. Provide as much information as you want, and click "Submit".

You will be redirected to GitHub with a pre-populated issue. This issue will be generated under theevent-diversity-and-inclusionbadging repository with the information you provided on the web form. You must use your GitHub account to finalize the issue on their Website by clicking "Create New Issue", or your submission will be invalid.

Once the Issue is successfully created, at least two reviewers will then be assigned to review your issue. They will assess the event's D&I Practices using a review checklist.

Communicate with Reviewers and Moderators

Please pay attention to the issue you submitted before you acquire the final badge. Reviewers may leave suggestions in the issue to request more information. Applicants must maintain communication with reviewers during the review period.

At any time during the review process, the current Badge status can be checked by using the command/result in an issue comment. See an example.

The commands work only if no other content accompanies them on the issue comment.

Once you are satisfied with the result, you will have one final task. Connect with the @badging/badging-moderators to finish the review or at any point where you wish to end the review.

Acquire the Badge

The review is finalized when a moderator confirms that the application and checklists align with everything. They will close the issue with the moderator-only /end command. Two badge links will be generated as an issue comment at the same time the issue closes.

Here is an example of a newly granted badge:

![Assigned badge: passing](;base64,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)
  • Embed the Markdown Badge Link if you wish to display the badge on any markdown File.

  • Embed the HTML Badge Link on an HTML page if you wish to display the badge on your event website.

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