The responsibility of a maintainer would be to ensure that the whole project is under control, and completing the processing of a Badging application. A maintainer will also maintain the reviewer team and responsible for the training of new reviewers.

GitHub Permissions

Repository permission level: Maintain / Administrate

A maintainer will be expected to:

  • Assign reviewers and add their GitHub handles to .github/

Maintainers won't be expected to:

  • Edit the Application, Review Checklist, and comments directly.


Q What kind of commitment is required to maintain for Event Badging? A Maintaining the project requires sufficient command of the Badging workflow and long-term connection to the community. We expect, at the highest load, for the project to require about 20 minutes every couple of days for each maintainer.

Q What are the sources of maintainers for CHAOSS D&I Badging Project? A Maintainers are long-standing members of the CHAOSS community that become core-contributors to the D&I Badging Project. To become a maintainer, a contributor needs to show constant activity related to the project.

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