Path to Leadership

Path to CHAOSS Leadership

What does leadership mean to the CHAOSS community?

A leader🏅is someone who has specific decision-making power over some part of a group and thus additional accountability and can help with prioritizing and planning activities in the project.

I think that a leader in the CHAOSS community is someone who helps advance the project by contributing directly and coordinating work with others. Leaders should regularly attend the weekly community meetings to report on the work of their respective working group.

-- Georg J.P. Link, Director of Sales at Bitergia; Cofounder of CHAOSS

Leadership sets the tone for the culture, values, and communication style for everyone else. I think a CHAOSS leader (whether it be informal or formal) should embody and foster empathy, compassion, and respect for everyone else working on the project, no matter in what capacity. I think that being an excellent communicator and having a passion for helping open source projects prioritize and measure their community's health is also helpful.

-- Elizabeth Barron, Community manager at CHAOSS

Why is leadership important to us?

We are a volunteer-driven👥organization which means the work within the CHAOSS community is focused around the creation of metrics and software which depend upon the contributions made by external individuals and communities. We need people to direct the vision of creation, planning, and architecture of new initiatives within the community in order to drive through the better objectives.

The CHAOSS community has defined its different set of leadership roles under a specific set of community guidelines and governance policies.

How to become a leader?

Technical Leadership

Leadership that focuses on building amazing projects and good engineering teams across the community

Checklistbefore becoming a Maintainer

Checklistbefore becoming a Website Maintainer

Checklistbefore becoming a Documentation Maintainer

NOTE: Usually existing maintainers elevate others to become maintainers when they see it helpful for the project.

Governance Leadership

Leadership involved in the process of decision making within the community

Checklistfor becoming a Board Member and Decisions Maker

NOTE: New board members are nominated and voted into office by existing board members. Co-leads of the board are nominated and voted into office by existing board members.

Operation Leadership

Leadership that addresses every aspect of the community model

Checklistfor becoming the Community Manager

NOTE: The community manager is a paid position and is hired through a job-application process. Selected community members are asked to serve on the search committee to review applications, interview candidates, and make a recommendation.

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