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What is the Working Group?

📔 Dictionary says, "Working Group is a group of experts working together to achieve specified goals" and this is what CHAOSS Working Groups signifies - The groups that are primarily organized around metrics and software.

Types of CHAOSS Working Groups

In order to learn more about these groups, you should refer to their GitHub repositories.

Working Groups around Metric📖

Working Groups around Software🖥️

Working Groups around User Groups 👥

Who all can participate?

The CHAOSS community is dedicated to fostering an open and welcoming environment for all contributors.

Criteria for participating as a normal contributor

The CHAOSS community welcomes and encourages participation from anyone. We believe that our culture is focused on diversity and inclusion which is the key driver of our creativity, innovation, and invention.

We welcome contributions from everyone as long as they interact constructively with our community by participating in working groups meeting calls and providing feedback, and suggestions on metrics and software.

Check out our participation page for participating within the different working groups. Don't forget to experience it! 😉

Checklist to become a core contributor within any Working Group:

NOTE: People not participating over a 3 month period may be removed as core contributors.

How to define any new focus area of metrics inside any working group?

Here are the steps to define any new Focus Area🎯of metric inside any working group:

  • Understand the background of each working group - Understand the background of each of "Common Metric", "Diversity & Inclusion", "Evolution", "Value", and Risk thoroughly.

  • Ask yourself - Under what category my focus area lies? Try to relate your focus area with already existing focus areas. If you are able to relate it with the existing focus area and background that means its all set. 👍

  • But if you are unable to relate, open up the issue within the relevant repository of the working group and explain the focus area along with its goal

  • Once you submit, it will be reviewed by maintainers and will be discussed in the respective working group meeting call.

What is the workflow and culture inside the working groups?

Most of the work within the working group is done in the following ways:

  • Issues for keeping track of metrics we are working on with the links to google docs

  • We use general google docs for collaborating and discussing on a specific metrics

  • We use markdown files in the working group for a more permanent place for metric

  • We continue the discussion in the pull request until we decide to merge it

  • We have a review period for all new and changed metrics (see release process)

  • Working groups work through calls and asynchronously through documents to move towards the decision

What criteria do the Working groups follow for refining or accepting any metric under the relevant group?

We love hearing about new metrics that provide insights into the relevant working group. For refining any new metric working groups follow this:

  • Metrics should be defined sufficiently and appropriately

  • Metrics should follow the template which can be found at file on Github

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