CHAOSS Committees

CHAOSS Project

A Linux Foundation open source project that advances our understanding of and tools for open source community health. Check out the CHAOSS website


Any person who participates in and contributes to the CHAOSS community.


An organization represents a company or legal entity in the world engaging with the CHAOSS project.


A community is the people who share a common interest. The CHAOSS community consists of various diverse people who work on different interests related to open source community health.

Community Members

A self-selected group of people who associate with the CHAOSS Community, no contribution required.

Core Contributors

The people who are major contributors to CHAOSS through long-term participation in any working group.


A contributor who has the ability to commit directly to a project’s repository and are responsive to contributions or changes from other Contributors. Maintainers are listed in the README of each repository.

Working Groups

A group of people working together to achieve a specific goal. Within the CHAOSS community, these are established and maintained by project contributors to advance project work. Working Groups focus on a specific metric, methodological, ethical, and technical issues associated with open source community health.

Governance Board

The Governance Board is responsible for the overall oversight of the CHAOSS Project and coordination of the efforts of any Technical Committees and Working Groups inside the CHAOSS community.

Event Attendee

People who register to attend a CHAOSS Project event.

CHAOSScon Organizing Committee Member

A person who is a part of the organizing team of the CHAOSS conference - CHAOSScon.

CHAOSS Metric Release Collaborator

The people who work for the successful release of metrics by coordinating with working groups and releasing it under the CHAOSS website.

Mailing List Moderator

A person within the community that takes care of the moderation mail list requests.

CoC Enforcement Team Member

A person who responds to the CoC incident reports made on the mailing list.

Twitter Manager

The person who handles the CHAOSS Twitter handle and who is responsible for likes, re-tweets, and sharing status updates from @CHAOSSproj.

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