We value what you believe

Just like the rest of our work, we continually adjust our values and strive to make them better. The CHAOSS values are a living document. In many instances, they have been documented, refined, and revised based on lessons learned in the course of working effectively and efficiently.

So this section is our core which reflects how we organize ourselves, community guidelines, community ethics, all the way down to how we invest in ourselves!

Everyone is welcome to suggest improvements.

CHAOSS community is a value-driven organization and here is what we believed in:

🌱 Community Health

Our goal is focused on creating software and metrics to help define community health. We are also interested in having a β€œhealthy” CHAOSS community where people have an interest in keeping the project going, helping others to participate, responding to community challenges, developing new innovations, and so forth. We can’t achieve these things without the help of everyone, creating sustainability for our metrics, software, and people in the working groups.

πŸ‘ Openness

Openness is the key to any open source project. Work in the CHAOSS community is primarily organized around software and metrics. Additionally, user groups provide ways to consider how software and practices can support the deployment of CHAOSS metrics. Following through the definition of the openness, The CHAOSS community is dedicated to fostering an open and welcoming environment for all people. Anyone can join the mailing list, participate in Zoom meetings, or contribute to any of our projects on GitHub at any time! We strive to be open!

πŸ‘ Transparency

Being transparent about as many things as possible is an aim for the open source ecosystem. By making information public, we reduce the threshold to contribution and make collaboration easier. We appreciate the use of public issue trackers, projects, and repositories on GitHub when possible.

We make information public by default because transparency is one of our values. As such, a large category of CHAOSS information is public unless there is a reason for it not to be. We have CHAOSS community calls and working group meetings every week and we welcome everyone, who is not only within the core team but also who has keen interests to participate and support our structure.

When information is not public, it may also be treated as limited access, only shared with certain CHAOSS community members.

🌐 Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental to the success of the CHAOSS community. We aim to make a significant impact on our efforts to foster an environment where everyone can thrive. We take a positive approach to ensure that the CHAOSS community is a place where all people can belong and contribute. We actively reflect on a culture that is inclusive and supports everyone equally in the process of achieving their goals. We continually work to welcome and support everyone in our community.

🏁 Consistency

We are consistent, over time, with metric and software development. This consistency helps us to maintain the momentum of the project and the improvements within that. Consistency requires the following things:

  • Commitment. We are dependable, reliable, and responsible for our decisions and actions. We’re committed to long-term success and we prefer not taking shortcuts.

  • Empowerment. We encourage building skills and spaces that help us focus on our goals.

  • Mindfulness. We prefer momentum while remembering our mission. We encourage regular feedback and happily learn from our mistakes.

πŸ† Merit

We maintain community health by providing ways for others to contribute to and use CHAOSS metrics and software. With support from a wide variety of people, we are a diverse, inclusive, and growing community where all people have equal opportunities to contribute.

πŸ€— Trust

Earning trust in our open source community is essential. Building trust takes time, concerted effort, and an environment where everyone can contribute. We work to stabilize the development of strong community bonds, the safety and privacy of all, and an environment where people contribute to our project at a personal level.

πŸ“ˆ Utility

Work in the CHAOSS community is organized around software and metrics. Stemming from these, CHAOSS programs and user groups provide ways to consider how CHAOSS metrics and software can support the ways that we understand open source community health. As organizations and communities have been utilizing the CHAOSS work to measure the health of their respective communities, our metrics and software are demonstrating utility in ways that help in improving the open source community health for all.

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