Roles and Responsibilities

This page contains the roles and responsibilities of the CHAOSS community

🙍‍♂️ Repository Maintainer

  • Send a reminder about meetings

  • Prepare meetings

  • Lead meetings

  • Make sure meeting minutes are kept

  • Facilitate the creation and advancement of metrics/software

  • Answer questions about the history of the working group and metrics/software

  • Coordinate with other working groups on metrics/software

  • Report on weekly community call progress in the working group

  • Submit working group related topics to conferences

  • Review issues on the repository

  • Review and merge pull requests

  • Regularly check the repository for stale content

  • Coordinate metrics release for the working group

  • monitor issue tracker and pull requests

  • steer the architecture of the metrics/software

🎪 CHAOSScon organizing committee member

  • Regularly review the status of planning progress

  • Secure venue for the event

  • Secure catering for the event

  • Set up CFP for event

  • Promote CFP for event

  • Review CFP submissions and select talks

  • Build an agenda for the event

  • Coordinate with speakers that they are coming

  • Collect and upload slides from speakers

  • Make sure we have signage at the event

  • Secure funding from sponsors

  • Create and update conference website

  • Edit recordings from CHAOSScon sessions and upload them to YouTube

👁️‍🗨️ CHAOSS Governing Board Member

  • Consider the high-level strategy for the CHAOSS project

  • Participate in board meetings (~4 meetings per year) and vote on proposals.

  • Participate in email votes if called (outside of board meetings).

  • Represent concerns of community members at board meetings.

  • Attend monthly meetings to stay up to date with what is happening

  • Spread the word about CHAOSS, e.g., present at conferences.

  • Be a representative of the CHAOSS project.

👤 CHAOSS Board Co-Lead

  • Invite to board meetings

  • Prepare board meetings

  • Attend and participate in board meetings

  • Advance and execute community strategy

  • Maintain communication with Linux Foundation

  • Regularly review and update governance documents

  • Provide guidance to community members and working groups

📙 CHAOSS metrics release collaborator

  • Review metrics release spreadsheet

  • Coordinate with working groups to confirm the status of metrics

  • Double-check formatting on metrics

  • Create release notes

  • Tag release in working group repositories

  • Create release pages on the website

  • Create a PDF of released metrics

✍️ Editor of CHAOSSweekly

  • Collect themes from a week in the CHAOSS community - attend several meetings, especially community call

  • Write a summary of what is happening in the CHAOSS community

  • Update the dates of upcoming meetings

  • Send CHAOSSweekly to the mailing list

📩 Mailing list moderator

  • When a moderation request comes in, react to it

  • Like and re-tweet tweets about @CHAOSSproj that are relevant

  • Share status updates from @CHAOSSproj

  • Promote CHAOSS events

📖 Code of Conduct Enforcement Team member

(luckily we have had no reports yet)

  • monitor mailing list to which reports can be made

  • respond to reports

Mentor (e.g., GSoC or Outreachy)

  • Submit project ideas

  • Respond to interested students

  • Regularly meet with accepted mentees

  • Help mentees get started with the CHAOSS project and technologies

  • Report to the CHAOSS community how things are going with the mentees


  • post ideas for new features as issues

  • create pull requests for code changes

  • respond to reviews from maintainers on pull requests

New Member

  • Attend community and workgroup meetings

  • Register for mailing lists

  • Try to find ways to help

  • Catch up on GitHub and other tools used by CHAOSS

  • See how you can align what you do elsewhere with what goes on in CHAOSS

  • Ask questions about CHAOSS and what is being worked on

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