Contributing in marketing

The CHAOSS project was officially announced at the Open Source Summit North America 2017 in Los Angeles. Here is a picture of the workshop participants at OSSNA2017 -- the first to help us spread CHAOSS! If you are interested in helping spread CHAOSS now, check out the following ways to get involved with the CHAOSS community.

Spreading the word about what is going on in the CHAOSS community is a vital part of CHAOSS engagement, and below are the following ways with which you can get involved in growing the CHAOSS community

  • Writing Blogs - Blog posts help with reaching a larger audience and catching their interest. We value the time and efforts of our readers, so keep your blog posts focused and straight forward around your goals which you want to deliver. The CHAOSS website has Blog section where all the blog posts written for the CHAOSS community are published but we don't want to limit you to the CHAOSS website. You can use any platform for writing your blogs.

  • Social Media - You can help us spread the word by sharing CHAOSS on social media. On Twitter, tag CHAOSS using @CHAOSSproj. Also interesting: CHAOSS on LinkedIn and videos on YouTube.

  • Merchandise - If you are good at designing then you can help us in designing and processing the t-shirts, stickers, posters, badges, and similar. You can checkout CHAOSS design principles to understand the design better.

  • Organize Conferences and Meetups - We generally have CHAOSScon twice per year. So if you are good at organizing events then check out the role and responsibilities of the CHAOSScon organizing members and get involved. We always appreciate organizers of local meetups and events.

How and where to communicate for respective engagements?

We generally prefer to communicate through the CHAOSS mailing list but sometimes there are off-list mailing threads for initiatives. You can also reach out to any core member to ask questions.

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