Terminology Usage

It contains the details of how to use specific terms

For clear and consistent communication, it’s important to always use the correct terminology. Remember:

  • If you’re unsure which term to use, look for existing terminology

  • Never create a new term when an existing one is available to you.

  • Be extremely cautious when using jargon words They can confuse new users and cause problems with internationalization.


The below terms are used as a proper noun (name) for a specific role or entity. Please capitalize on the following terms in the documentation and in the app

Example: GrimoireLab is a CHAOSS toolset for software development analytics.

  • Augur

  • Cregit


  • CHAOSScon

  • CHAOSScast

  • CHAOSSweekly

  • CHAOSSblog

  • CHAOSStube

  • Google Summer of Code

  • Google Season of Docs

  • GrimoireLab

  • Outreachy

The below words are used a lot in common language and don't need to be capitalized all the time, but when referring specifically within the documentation it is like a proper name, so it can be capitalized to better communicate what you mean.

Example: CHAOSS metrics are sorted into Focus Areas.

  • Code of Conduct

  • Common Metric

  • Contributor

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Evolution

  • Focus Area

  • Governance Board

  • Mentors

  • Mentee

  • Metric

  • Metric Release

  • Open Source Community Health

  • Organization Administrators

  • Risk

  • Value

  • Working Groups


You may find the words written within the documentation, website, or Github repositories in the abbreviated form. Below are the words with their full forms:

  • CHAOSS - Community Health Analytics Open Source Software

  • WG - Working Group

  • D&I - Diversity and Inclusion

  • GB - Governance Board

  • CoC - Code of Conduct

  • GSoC - Google Summer of Code

  • GSoD - Google Season of Docs

  • LF - The Linux Foundation

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