Process of metric approval

👥 CHAOSS Metrics Committee

The CHAOSS Metrics Committee defines implementation-agnostic metrics for assessing open source communities' health and sustainability. The CHAOSS Metrics Committee's goals are to establish implementation-agnostic metrics for measuring community activity, contributions, and health; and optionally produce standardized metric exchange formats, detailed use cases, models, or recommendations to analyze specific issues in the industry/OSS world.

All the metrics are released within the "Release History" page on the CHAOSS website

✍ Process of getting metric approved to be visible on the website

  • We already have many metrics listed under various working groups but you can also propose your own metric if you don't find listed in the existing metrics. Here is the list of all the existing metrics within CHAOSS

  • There are different working groups that foster around their focus areas. So once you have a valid plan for your metric, we find a working group that is best aligned and has an interest in the metric.

  • We add the metric to our Metrics Tracking Sheet

  • Someone writes a draft for the metric using our Template for Metric using google docs. The person proposing the metric could do this.

  • The working group discusses the metric and makes the required changes.

  • A markdown version of the metric is added to the working group repository.

When should a previously released metric be returned to community review?

  • Whenever there is a language or terminology change that would affect other metric references.

  • Changing the name of a metric (in any way)

  • Any changes that go beyond grammar or spelling fixes in the sections:

    • Question

    • Definition

    • Objectives

    • Implementation

  • Does not require review:

    • Grammar or spelling fixes (not including metric name)

    • Updates to sections References and Contributors

🧐 Some Metric Useful Resources

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