Design Contribution


Things you need to follow

Welcome! We’re glad you’re interested in contributing to the CHAOSS Community designs. Before contributing, please review the following values:

Be Ambitious - We appreciate to test new boundaries and take advantage of new design solutions. You should prefer to work with a genuine sense of continuously improving and striving to be the best that can be.

Be Minimalist - We make sure that our designs are simple and straight forward which gives a better meaning to the design problem.

Be Inclusive - You should keep the user first in mind. Thinking inclusively is about considering diverse groups of people, how they will interact with your design problem, and their environments.

Be Respectful - We value the designer's efforts. So you should be respectful towards the community or the user you are interacting with in order to have proper feedback on your design solution.

Be Consistent - The consistency helps us to maintain the momentum of the project and the improvements within the community designs.

Different Design Contributions

Graphic Design

This includes corporate design (logos and branding), Illustrations, marketing design (posters, banners), advertisements, communication design, and signage.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, GIMP

UI/UX Design

UI communicates with UX! It includes designing the User-Interface screens for any web or mobile applications by putting different components like buttons, reads, clicks, animation, etc. User experience is determined by how easy or difficult it is to interact with the user interface elements that the UI designers have created.

Platform: Figma or any other UI/UX designing platform

UX Documentation

It's design documentation that includes feedback from users, general researches about design, and any design workflow and process for the specific design problem. It also includes all the information regarding the particular design.

Platform: GitHub

Getting Started

We don't have a particular platform for listing all the design problems but we follow this general process in order to accomplish any design goal:

  • Come up with the design idea and discuss it on the CHAOSS mailing list

  • Another way of contributing is to open an issue on the project repository and tell maintainers about your idea.

  • Discuss your designing strategies and documentation

  • Design on your canvas tool (Figma, Adobe Photoshop. etc)

  • Discuss your design submission on the mailing list and on the GitHub issues. Don't forget to mention an appropriate label (design label)

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